Jul. 14th, 2011

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Long time no see! I forgot to update my LJ for a bit. I think I'm getting used to tumblr ( but I still comment on your entries). Well, here are some of my thoughts (they accumulated!)

I really enjoyed the first episode! It was well paced and interesting. I'm interested in all the main characters right from the start (except maybe Bill, but I don't like my jerks the way he's portrayed so far). Um and the poster for the series? Is it only me or does someone else see Bill Adama in the upper middle picture? I totally thought it's Eddie Olmos. :D

I'm definitely going to be watching it.

Interesting I didn't hate Gwen and didn't mind her appearing on screen. I sort of enjoyed it, but I'm not sure if I like it yet. It still feels too much like Children of Earth. I missed Captain Jack though. 

X-men: First Clas:
I...didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's partly because I've been fan of X-men for so long or maybe it's partly because I really like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen...but it's definitely because I had a lot of issues with the movie. I liked James McAvoy, he's a talented actor and that's no exaggerration. We all know what the sixties in USA were like race and gender wise...but the sixties were not only about communists and cuban missile crisis - they were  about fight for gender and race equality as well. And I'm sorry, but having EVERY main female character in her underwear or less (especially the scene with Emma really felt like the writers just wanted to see the actress undressed, it was unnecessary and they could have showed her powers off in different way) and killing the only black character off is very problematic.  X-men were always about equality and fight for freedom to express yourself the way you are. It wouldn't have been that bad if the directing made the exploitation of women look bad, but the camera kept focusing on their bodies. Yeah. Way to do it wrong.

It didn't really feel like it's set in sixties either. The only person who looked 60's ish was Moira (who I actually liked in this movie! What a surprise - I always hated her in every incarnation I saw her).

I didn't like Fassenbender's Magneto. He's a good actor, but his Magneto came off wrong to me. He felt like a goddamn Nazi and Fassenbender's shark smile doesn't really help. He didn't have none of that tortured genius to him...

Goddamn Havoc and Banshee got to be First Class' members? Lol.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie but there were problems that make it impossible for me to enjoy it fully and participate in the new fandom (I'm not going to even start on the problems with the fandom, because misogyny and racism is not unique to XMFC fandom). I'm lucky that X-men and marvel fandom is so big I can enjoy stuff I like without it overlapping with XMFC.

The most positive thing about the movie's existence (other than seeing little Storm, the Wolverine cameo and James McAvoy's acting) I can see is that since it more or less rebooted the X-men movie franchise we might get to see better Rogue and maybe they'll even put her and Gambit in the same movie! I'm so hoping for that. And maybe Cyclops who's not such a douche (like the current X-men: Legacy one...I'm enjoying that version of him!)

Just please new X-men fans don't say you're expert on X-men when you watched only one movie. I don't mind that you only like the movie, but when you claim to understand the source material better than someone who spent years stanning it...yeah. It's like saying to a Trekkie you know everything about Star Trek from watching the newest movie. :D You don't need to be a fan of more than the movie, really. It's okay to only like the movie. I for example don't like Lost in Space TV show but I love the movie.

Betty Andrews' drawing on the right side of the brain:
Started reading it today. I want to improve my drawing skills  and stop seeing in symbols. I think I hate past me a little at the moment. Spending so much time copying my favorite mangakas....damn you, past me, damn you.

The first task is to draw three things to show your current ability: self-portrait, some human from imagination and your own hand. I finished

Changing majors:
So it's official today. I changed my major from History to English/Latin. Huzzah! Or maybe not. We'll see haha.

Brave (upcoming movie):
Here is a link to the trailer. I'm looking forward to that! Her hair looks so amazing.

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