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Is finally over, yahooo. I got rid of all painted eggs too.

Few sketches inspired by an old RPG
Time taken: A BBC's Sherlock Episode

Doctor Who:

OMG NEW DOCTOR WHO. OMG AND IT HAS MARK SHEPPARD! I just love that guy. He's so awesome. And his twitter is fun.

Now for the episode itself. Can I say a shock. Death right in the beginning! Was the astronaut River? And then the girl in the suit...Who is it? Is it River as some fans are speculating? Is River really Amy's daughter as the fandom has been speculating? I don't like that. But it would fit with the "diary" spoiler where River was taught how to drive the TARDIS by Amy. Honestly I'd prefer the "wife" theory more.

*cough* MARK SHEPPARD! *cough*

Sherlock (BBC):

Finally saw the last episode - The Great Game. Can I say OMG. I was good and stayed away from spoilers, even though it's a year after it aired. So. Can we all say an insane cliffhanger! I love Cumberbatch's acting more and more. His expressions are priceless. I know a lot of people don't like Martin Freeman and think his acting (and the character of Watson) is really uninteresting and boring, but in my opinion that's a good proof he's a good actor. He's able to make a war veteran with troubled mind and a good doctor into at first glance "bland" character. I was a little scared they'd try to make him come off as House, but since Holmes is the asshole of the duo, it'd be weird. So yeah, the last episode was great. Can't wait for the next ones since they'll be remaking my two favorite stories: The hound of the Baskverville and Scandal in Bohemia (Viva la Bohemie)!

The Hobbit:

The cast looks awesome. Martin Freeman as Bilbo sounds awesome. And Leonard Nimoy appearing? What is it? A geek's dream or what.
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