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I'm sort of glad that my tablet broke down. I've started using traditional media again and it's so relaxing. I haven't felt so relaxed while drawing in a long time. I suggest ink sketching to anyone who needs to get their mind of anything. Well...it works for me. I always feel as if I am hypnotized while ink drawing. Plus you don't use eraser.

I love gladiators. I love to draw them. I need more reference on them though...Reference for the drawings in the first picture came from conceptart. Reference for the next two came from various fashion sites.

Warning for a naked lady (boobs and lady parts):


LATVIA YOU SUUUUUCK. Not really, it was pretty equal game! Latvia team was great if a little too defensive.

End results 4:2 for Czech Republic.

Doctor Who:


I love Moffat's storytelling. I know people don't like the way he deals with characters, but I like it. I always stay for the plot. Characters can get expanded in fanfiction. I don't need characterization RTD style (which I think really sucks).

And now for the episode:
Spoilers, sweetie )

So overall I think that the episode was brilliant, one of the best I've seen (at least one of those I've enjoyed the most). But I'm left feeling sad. :(

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Cool, I love our new hockey team. We beat Russia even after they disposed of our three best players. :D We're so better than Russia :D *wave of patriotism*

It's always symbolic when we play against Russia. Mom says it reminds her of the winter olympics in 68 when we beat the Soviets 5:4 - we didn't win the tittle though. But we beat the big bad brother. :D Helped a lot our national identity during the Prague spring 1968. :)

who cares about history now though? We woooon. :D We are the champions! :D 

On the other hand I wish more americans were interested in good hockey. :D I can't seem to find and hockey community that isn't filled with NHL crap. Don't take me wrong, I like NHL...but the teams there are basically international. Lots of our guys play there, lots of Russians and Slovaks too. 's weird really. I'd just like to talk to fellow hockey fans about world championships and winter olympics...there's no place to do that... D:


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